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MindWave Mobile

Neurosky is the manufacturer of Mindwave mobile. The NeuroSky biosensor platform provides a powerful foundation for the development of a variety of applications that promote brain health such as improved focus, concentration, working memory and mind acuity. Other uses include meditation and relaxation monitoring or improved educational processes. Our low cost, complete OEM solution is a high-performance bio-signal on a single chip solution for accurate brain activity detection and processing.


  • CPU
    • TGAM Module (ASIC Chip)
  • Power
    • 1.5V AAA Battery (Not included)
    • Power used in board 3.3V & 1.5V
  • Connectors
    • 1 Nos. Electrode connector
    • 1 Nos. Power Connector
    • 1 Nos. Uart Connector

Think Gear // TGAM Module Features

  • Directly connects to dry electrode (as opposed to conventional medical wet sensors)
  • One EEG channel with three contacts: EEG; REF; and GND
  • Improper ?t detected through “Poor Signal Quality” warning from ASIC to reset if off the head for four consecutive seconds, or if it is receiving a poor signal for seven consecutive seconds
  • Advanced ?ltering technology with high noise immunity
  • Low power consumption suitable for portable battery-driven applications
  • Raw EEG data output at 512 bits per second
  • Raw brainwave signal
  • Processing and output of EEG power spectrums (Alpha, Beta, etc.)
  • Processing and output of NeuroSky proprietary eSense meter for Attention and Meditation
  • EEG/ECG signal quality analysis (can be used to detect poor contact and whether the device is off the head)
  • Eyeblink detection
  • 512 bits per second sampling frequency
  • 3-100Hz frequency range
  • ESD Protection: 4kV Contact Discharge; 8kV Air Discharge
  • Max Power Consumption: 15mA @ 3.3V
  • Operating voltage 2.97 ~3.63V
  • Dimensions (Max) 2.79cm x 1.52cm x 0.25cm
  • Weight (Max) 130 mg

Power Supply

To power on the MindWave Mobile headset, slide the switch to the ON (middle) position. When held past the ON position for 3 seconds and then released, the headset will enter Bluetooth pairing mode. If instead the switch is held past the ON position for 6 seconds, the headset's pairing memory will be cleared.

While the MindWave Mobile headset is powered on, the LED light on the side of the headset will be turned on. If the MindWave has a low battery, the LED light will ash to indicate low battery status.

To turn the MindWave Mobile o?, slide the switch back to the OFF position.


Bluetooth pairing

"Pairing" is when your computer/tablet/phone remembers your Mindwave Mobile headset, and your Mindwave Mobile headset allows that computer/tablet/phone to connect to it. Note that this is different from "connecting", which is when the computer/tablet/phone is actively sending or receiving data and information.

You must first pair each of your computers/tablets/phones to your MindWave Mobile headset in order for them to connect to each other. To do so:

  • Put the Mindwave Mobile headset into "Pairing Mode" by holding the On/O? switch past the "On" position for 3 seconds.
  • Important: Release the switch when the light starts ashing blue. If you continue holding for more than 6 seconds, the MindWave Mobile headset will clear all previously remembered pairings.
  • Refer to the Bluetooth pairing instructions that came with your iOS, Android, PC, or Mac device to search for and pair to the MindWave Mobile headset.
  • If prompted, enter "0000" for the authentication key.
  • Your MindWave Mobile headset can "pair/remember" up to 3 computers/tablets/phones at the same time.

Bluetooth Connection

Depending on your computer/tablet/phone, it may automatically connect to the headset whenever an application needs to use the headset. If your Bluetooth software does not automatically connect when an app is started, please refer to the Bluetooth connecting instructions that came with your iOS, Android, PC, or Mac device to manually connect to the headset before running your apps.

Serial/COM Port Name or Number

Some games and applications will ask for you to enter the serial COM port name or number for the game or application to connect to the headset. Use the Bluetooth software on your computer/tablet/-phone to determine the COM port name or number that your MindWave Mobile has been assigned to.

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Note : NeuroSky Products for Indian market are designed and configured to work in countries that have 50 Hz AC power-line frequency. Orders placed in India will be shipped 50 Hz units so that they will operate correctly in India.US version of NeuroSky products may not work reliably in India as they are designed and configured for 60 Hz AC power-line frequency which is the US standard. Online store in US ships 60 Hz version of products by default.