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F T AND S is an Authourized distributor of Neurosky products in India. We keep good number of stock of Mindwave Mobile, also known as Brainwave Starter Kit in Mumbai, India.

Neurosky technology

Your brain is constantly producing electrical signals while it operates, as the cellular components of the brain (neurons) communicate with each other. At a macro scale, they produce a range of frequencies that scientists have found relate to particular mental states. For example, a sleeping person’s brain produces an abundance of delta waves, whereas an alert and awake person concentrating hard on something will produce far more beta waves.

The Mindwave headset picks up your brain’s electrical activity and divides the signal by frequency into various types of waves, allowing it to infer your mental state. For the most of the non-scientific apps however, it primarily reads how relaxed (as measured by alpha/theta waves) or concentrated (as measured by beta/gamma waves) you are.

Unfortunately your body makes a lot of other electrical noise, in addition to the activity coming from your brain. For this reason there is a ‘reference’ contact, in the form of a clip that attaches to your earlobe, which allows the headset to filter out non-brain related electrical activity.


Q: Why are products more expensive for me to buy in my own country(India)? Can I buy them directly from you(US)?

A: Due to import duty, tariffs and shipping fees, local prices for NeuroSky products may be slightly increased in your home market (India). Purchasing directly from us would result in similar pricing due to the increase in those same costs. Also what NeuroSky ships is a 60Hz unit which is suitable for US only. For use in India you will need a 50Hz unit which our distributors in India are selling.

Q: What is the difference between MindWave and MindWave Mobile? Do they measure the same type of brainwaves?

A: Both NeuroSky's MindWave and MindWave Mobile headsets utilize the same hardware and read the same EEG signals. The MindWave headset will require a computer with a USB port to plug in the included RF receiver. On the other hand, MindWave Mobile headset utilizes Bluetooth for connectivity. This feature will allow the headset to connect directly to your Bluetooth enabled computer, phone or tablet running Windows, Android or iOS.

Q: Does the MindWave headset read RAW brainwave data?

A: Yes. NeuroSky's technology is remarkable in how well our headsets read raw brainwave data. It has been compared with higher priced EEG devices such as the BioPac and found to be comparable.

Q: I want to be able to use the MindWave headset to play games. Are there any games available?

A: Yes! NeuroSky has a wide variety of games available on the app store! Please follow this link to visit the app store and browse the catalog of game applications: http://store.neurosky.com/collections/applications

If you are interested in using your telekinetic powers to push, pull or throw objects? Try NeuroBoy! It’s a FREE game that allows you to hone and develop your mental powers! http://store.neurosky.com/products/the-adventures-of-neuroboy-bci-technology-demo


Q: My headset is not working properly. What do I do?

A: Please contact our support team via support@neurosky.com. They will help you to troubleshoot your device and help you to find a solution. Here are the proper steps to contact support for your headset and request for possible RMA.
Please note: Purchases made through our partners must be returned through your original place of purchase.

Please send an email containing the following to support@neurosky.com :

  1. Your invoice date
  2. The First and Last Name used when the order was placed
  3. Explain the defect
The information above is needed to allow us to prepare our fulfillment center to process your request and receive your return. Once NeuroSky receives your request with the above information, NeuroSky will send you the RMA number which then needs to be shared with FT AND S and they will let you know the next step in replacing your defective unit.

Note : NeuroSky Products for Indian market are designed and configured to work in countries that have 50 Hz AC power-line frequency. Orders placed in India will be shipped 50 Hz units so that they will operate correctly in India.US version of NeuroSky products may not work reliably in India as they are designed and configured for 60 Hz AC power-line frequency which is the US standard. Online store in US ships 60 Hz version of products by default.